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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Hot means different things at different ages. Personally, I see a lot of pitful looking skinny legged twenty year olds that are only hot because they are breathing. And nobody can tell me Sean Connery is not hot. That man will be hot when they close the coffin on his head.

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    And yet? In all that? There has been a movement where "daddies" or "bears" are revered and the Cougar/MILF has their own section in the adult video store. I have found that I turn people down because they are too young, as opposed to because I'm too old (48 with 50 creeping around the corner). I've also heard it said that 60 is the new 40 and I can attest that I look/dress better than my grandmother did at this age.

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    A young bull and an old bull were standing on top of a hillock, viewing the cows munching on the grass in the lea below.

    The young bull cried out, 'Let's run down and get some of those cows down there!"

    The old bull turned to him and stated,"Let's walk down there and get them all."

    That joke has so many morals that I will let the reader work them out.

    Richarddennis has it right. Just be yourself. Accept that you are not young, that like the old bull, you do have the ability to "get them all."

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    I've very few regrets in my life, but one that I have to admit to is that I let parents, family, society, etc. persuade me that heterosexuality is normal and that I shouldn't be sexually attracted to other males. I bought into that shit for half my adult life, and when I broke the taboo, I expected lightning to strike me. I do wish I had come to my senses sooner. By the time I began to appreciate the charms of young men, I was already too old to attract any. But as far as "Hot" goes, to the tanned and toned set I am virtually invisible. Young people seem to look right past me without noticing that I am there. Sad, because there is so much of life's wonder that I could share with them.

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    lol I am not longer Hot, but there's snow in the Sable, but a fire in the furnace again, and thats al lthat matters..:}
    Grinning naughtily..Cat
    I'm tryin' my best to leave a loving foot print on the hearts of the folks who's lives I touch..longly, or briefly..:}

    Women and cats will do as they please, so men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
    Robert A. Heinlein

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Good article. Ne'r a truer word hath been spoken of the duality of middle-age. I'm 58 & all the buddies I've had sexual experiences with have moved out of state. The girl I fell head over heals for in junior high all the way through high school died at 50 of a cancerous brain tumor that hemorrhaged, just like pop. Never got to fuck her, let alone even a hug. I miss my buddies & wish we could take up where we left off. But at 58, it ain't happenin'. Not to mention, after writing a magazine article about road racing in the mid-90's, I started writing dystopian sci-fi stories I'm publishing on amazon kindle. They say 50 is the new 40, or some such shit. I can't tell you how many paragraphs I had to take out of my first book that were too hot for general audiences. Because these days, that's all I get. Everything still works as well as always. But as folks get older, they want younger lovers. It's a fact of the human condition in regards to the mental aspects of life in this plane of existence. So I can honestly say I understand your position. In the immortal words of Duke Nukem in Duke Nukem Forever...Hell, I'd still hit it!
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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Not to mention that I love cock & pussy & want to try fucking my wife in the ass while i'm getting fucked in the ass. Even she said that'd be hot! I want her to really licking & suckin her sister's pussy ,as she said stuff about sucking wife's tits & messaging them, etc. she wanted to jack off her lil sister, my wife too. but she's in denyle. What to do? I wanna suck & fuck them both. Her sister is starting to realize she's getting older & better act...?,...Her patch of pussy fir is so damn cute that she showed me once.
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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    All this talk about being old at 50-60. Anyone know any 70+ year old bi guys? I don’t either, wish I did.

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Quote Originally Posted by Foundpuppy View Post
    All this talk about being old at 50-60. Anyone know any 70+ year old bi guys? I don’t either, wish I did.
    Yep met one a few months ago

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Good for you......I hope you made each other happy.........

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    I’ve been married “like forever” as the kids would say, and I never really considered myself as “hot”. Not that I was hideous or obsessively over weight. I was just more of the nice comfortable friend type, so I can’t really relate with most of her article. The part that I can relate to is the fact that, now being 60, parts don’t function as they once did. There are some medical options, but since insurance would look at those as elective and uninsurable, the out of pocket costs put them beyond my reach.

    Since my mrs has issues that cause her to not want to engage sexually, I’ve decided to either self-service, or look to to my BI side to quench that thirst. Most of the posts I see on the net are for young (20s to 30s) and/ or tops. Neither of which I am. Most of the fellas I see online who are my age are also bottoms (which could be because at our age, the flag only flies at 1/2 mast)

    i think that i ‘could’ get more “dates”, but my work schedule, my sense of security/discretion, and my geographic location make it difficult I know that there is someone out there who is looking for a 60ish, semi sarcastic bottom guy who can be very very passionate, I just need to keep looking. 👀

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Quote Originally Posted by Foundpuppy View Post
    Good for you......I hope you made each other happy.........
    It was a one and done situation. He was way to tentative for me, and I didn’t have the patience to drag him along

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    I Am No Longer Hot

    Personally I think cutting the cheese is a reason for living longer....Sorry. Couldnt help myself... good read MG

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    Growing old is tough but a fact of life, enjoy every day to the fullest for tomorrow is promised to nobody.

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    Re: I Am No Longer Hot

    I'll add this to this discussion. I'm 55 but I am fortunate enough to look about ten years younger. It's genetics and a healthy lifestyle. I work at it. For a long time I thought men older than me were a turn off but I've been seeing men well into their late 70's recently who have taken care of themselves and have amazing cocks and stamina, and what's more they have wisdom and experience going for them. So I've been really rethinking the age thing.... I used to think "wow over 50 or 60 and the sex life is over...." but this is not always the case. People can enjoy all kinds of healthy sexual activity well into their 80's. Genetics, a healthy lifestyle and luck all can come together to make magic happen well into our golden years.




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