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    Cheating and cheaters

    so another question??? This has been brought up quite a few times not just here but in conversation.. I know that the married guys that I have sex with would typically be considered as cheaters or that they are cheating on their wives having sex with me.. I also get if I was married or in an exclusive relationship ship having sex with someone other than that person would make me a cheater.. but I don?t have that kinda relationship with anyone.. I have been told that I am a cheater just simply having sex with someone that is in some kinda relationship.. I don?t feel that I am a cheater.. yes I have sex, a lot of sex with those that are in relationship?s but I am not.. I feel and know that when someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat!!! If not with me someone else.. so my question is as a group do you feel that I am a cheat or not and why?? Thanks up front

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    If you are single in no relationship, then no you are not a cheater.

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    not in my book

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    that is my stance.. yes I am in a relationship with my two hubby’s but they both know and agree that what I do is important at least to the guy’s that I service.. I have been accused of being the cause of them cheating..ya they are having sex with me but if not me someone else..and probably someone that doesn’t care for them..

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    If I understand the aquestion, you are not cheating. I say that as my personal opinion, anyone married there should not be any permission to play, but, as stated, that is my personal belief and they should not be shoved onto others.

    Now, the guys who are married and their wives do not know, hell yes they are

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    Pretty much all of my regulars are closeted. bi married men whose wives cut off their sex lives so they see me for their needs and we both enjoy it and carry on. Am I cheating? No. My bi wife knows all I do and approves. from my point of view, how they conduct their relationships is their business not mine. If their wives will not give them sex or at least a sexual outlet that is safe and no threat to them then I find that terribly unfair. Whether or not they should be considered to be cheaters is not my call to make. The joy I bring into their lives cancels out any wrong that may be happening in my opinion.

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    While your not cheating with someone that your involved with you do know that your playmate is in fact cheating , and like most some of my playmates are married or partnered , some are open and honest about being with me , a few are cheating without the partners ok or accepting, and some play together occasionally .........cheaters have a secret that they don't want let out

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    Re: Cheating and cheaters

    You are not the one in a relationship, so you are not cheating.

    I'm happily married with a great sex life. I do what I do for a few reasons

    1. I love sex.
    2. I love the rush of sneaking around and cheating.
    3. I love the risk of getting caught.
    4. I love the taboo of men pleasuring each other. Just the thought
    of a cock in my mouth or fucking me is exhilarating.
    5. Whether it's a man or a woman, if I'm attracted to them and
    horny, something is going to happen.

    It's just sex. Physical pleasure. Is jerking of cheating?




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