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    Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    I like my sex partners to be on the heavy side. I love the plush feel over their entire body. I love the way there is some give when we are hugging naked and I am rubbing their back. I love to rub down and feel a big round ass. I love the extra size of their breasts. I love to kiss my way down their belly and get my head between a pair of thick thighs to either eat pussy or suck cock. I love to bury my face between their ass cheeks and give them a rim job while fingering their pussy or jerking their dick. When fucking them from behind I love to see the shock waves when my pelvis hits their ass. I love to 69 with them on top. Sucking cock or eating pussy with a beautiful, large, round ass in my face is the best! I love to fuck with them on top so my hands can explore their body! They don't have to be pretty or handsome either.

    In a bar I will be immediately attracted to the large woman with the styled hair and a little too much make-up. She is wearing a short dress that is at least one size too small, no bra with her tits practically spilling out and black stockings. Some guys would stay away from a woman like her saying that she is "too fat" or she "looks like a whore" but to me those are two looks that I am attracted to. This also applies to male to female transexuals. Male to female Crossdressers also as long as they put in a little effort with shaved legs and/or body and no facial hair.

    So who are you attracted to?

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    i have always been attracted to women that like to look slutty, as you describe.

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    I have, and always will LOVE Big Beautiful Women!
    If it is to be, let it be with me

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    While hard bodies are nice to look at. I prefer women with cushion.
    As a skinny 160lb bottom. Nothing better than feeling pinned down by a bigger man while getting pounded

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    My wife of 37 years struggled with her weight all her life until recently when she got on Ozempic. All I can say is don't write off the bigger gals. The ones we have shared as swingers were demons in the sheets!

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    always liked big women and men of course i like them all

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    My wife is a mature BBW, juicy horny old woman�� ! She is fun in bed. She loves to be called a"nasty cunt" while sucking cock��.

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    I'm a pretty big guy myself, and I have always had a real lust and love for larger sized bodies. I really adore big women and have always sought them out, for much the same physical reasons that the original poster cites. Although for me it was not so much the bar girl types but the smart studious cute ones, who I have often found are quiet and even shy on the surface and hot and horny as hell just underneath that surface with inventively dirty minds and souls. While I have been with many smaller women, it's the big beautiful ones I want the most and remember the best. Along the way I have been with doctors, lawyers, artists, professors and teachers, athletes (think shotputters or rugby players), journalists, businesswomen, administrators and public officials, actors, musicians, opera singers (the best!!), and of course the stereotypical big and secretly hot librarians. I am eternally grateful to all of these luscious women, even the one night stands.

    I have been much less emotionally involved with most of the men I've been with. With a few exceptions, those encounters have been mostly pure male lust, and while I have been with some very accomplished men (especially musicians for some reason), the focus has been much more on getting it on and getting them off. Of course, there also have been numerous hot anonymous encounters over the years. I really love being with bigger guys like myself and pleasing them. Husky, beefy, beary, and chubby bodies are what really turns me on in a man, and I really have a serious thing for hairy guys. While I have certainly been with lots of smaller guys too (especially the ones who like a big guy themselves), I am not really attracted to them visually at all. For me there's nothing better than feeling a big manly man at the peak of his lust surging towards cumming with his cock using my mouth or ass or whatever for his pleasure. I often cum hard feeling it and get hard and want to jerk off just thinking about it.

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    I have always been attracted or have a preference for BBW'S or thicker Ladies. TRANSSEXUALS seem to have always caught my eye as well

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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    The guy I am dating now is a bigger guy and I just love that I can bury myself in him. Do you know how long it's been since anyone has literally cradled me in their arms? If he wasn't a bigger guy that wouldn't be possible. It feels amazing to snog like that.

    Ends up that we are both kinda vers, so it's a bit of a challenge to help him out when he starts whimpering but it sure is fun trying.
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    Re: Big Beautiful Women, Men and Transexuals

    I just never looked at skinny , full , short , tall , older , younger as criteria , to me it has always been the person who they are , might sound like B.S. to some but you might never know some really fun erotic exotic fun times if you pass on some one




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