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Thread: Taboo subject

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    Re: Taboo subject

    Cousin 2 years older fucked my mouth when i was 12 . wish he had fucked me . saw both of them take turns fucking my sister bent over against a wall!

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    Re: Taboo subject

    I bought a Symbian (with every attachment they offered) for my sis for her birthday. She was a little reluctant to try it out at first, but once she did, she was hooked. I think they make the perfect toy for women! She got on with the dildo and anal toy and she insisted that she sucked me at the same time. I think she must have had at least five orgasms before I finally came. We played with it off and on for the whole weekend.

    She just left to go home, but said she would think her girlfriend would be offended if she took it home, so it's still here in the closet.

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    Re: Taboo subject

    Interesting subject. A older cousin got me to suck his cock a couple times, I was probably 6 or 7. I just remember it being 'large' and a mouth full.... My grandmother lived next to us, and her brother's 2 daughters came to live with her. The younger sister was a year or so older than me. At about 8 years old, we got caught with her sucking my cock. We both got a spanking, but didn't stop, lol. We never actually fucked, but as we went through puberty, we kept at playing. She was blessed with a rather impressive set of tits. She would let me suck her tits, and eat her pussy often - as a 12-13 year old, who wouldn't jump at the chance to do that? lol. As I'd only ever seen/played with/ate her pussy, didn't have another to compare to, but she had/has the most impressive pussy lips I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Large! After teen years, we each married, lost track of each other. The only times I've seen her have been at funerals, sadly. Saw her a couple years ago, she was around 67-68 then. Always a petite woman, still is, with that great set of tits, long gray hair. I immediately wondered how her pussy looks and tastes now....
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    Re: Taboo subject

    When I was probably around 16 and my sister 12 (and fairly well developed already), we shared a bathroom and she blatantly walked in one time when the door was closed but not locked. I knew she did it on purpose and she caught me jacking off while sitting on the john. As I recall it, she never said a word. She sat at the far end of the tub across from me and watched intently. I can remember anticipating the look on her face when I would cum because back then I shot HARD. When the moment of truth arrived and I spurted forcefully, her face was impassive. She showed virtually no reaction. She got up wordlessly and let herself out. We've never talked about it although years later she would sometimes be a little flirtatious with me. I'd love to do her just once but it will never happen and I'm sure it's for the best that way.

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    Re: Taboo subject

    My older cousin put his dick in my mouth when i was 12, he was 14, i didn't dislike it. But got scared someone would catch us. Wish he would've taken me in the woods and fucked me! I would've been his whenever we got together.

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    Re: Taboo subject

    As always, I preface my comments with the fact that I don't approve, condone or desire playing with underage kids. It's a fucked up selfish act that can screw a kid up for life.

    Having said that, I also don't deny having enjoyed my own personal experience with my step-father. I was in my early teens and about as innocent and naive and trusting as they come. I can't remember it without getting hard and can't help but wish things had gone further.

    Instead we got caught by my Mother and it destroyed our family. I won't say I came through it mentally unscathed. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be bi or at least it would have taken me decades longer to recognize I was bi without what happened. And there have been times over the course of my life that my sex drive has been obsessive to what was probably an unhealthy level. Not sure if that's because of those early experiences or not.

    All of this is to say that what happened came with a price. That doesn't stop me from looking at this video and thinking, "This is how it started and what I wish has happened next"

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    Re: Taboo subject

    I used to blow my older brother when I was 10-11. Discovering what sex was. Lived in country with few playmates. I jerked off a dog once just because I heard that they stuck together when they fucked. I learned about their cock knotting. They have ugly cocks!




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