Addressing Some Stuff - Part V

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Look. I'll suck your dick, happily and gladly. If fucking is on the menu, I'll gladly assume the position and take the dick and, in both cases and situations, as long as you're not being rough with me - and I do mean MY version of what that means - then we're going to have a good time but if I tell you to ease up, well, you only get one warning. If I tell you to stop, please, do us both a favor and stop because this is supposed to be fun and satisfying and... don't test me. Don't push your luck.

You treat people the way you want to be treated. A little "rough?" Sure, I understand that, and I can accept it. You start playing "power/dominance" games with me, we're going to have a problem and one you don't want any more than I do. It's... regrettable. It shouldn't happen and I don't have any illusions in this: Some guys think that their rough way to have sex is the way it always has to be and they don't think or expect someone to resist and fight back. I shouldn't have to let another guy know that I'm just as much of a man as they are but I grew up having to point that out to guys.

I didn't put up with it because I didn't have to. Cease and desist immediately and if you don't, shit. Don't test my resolve. I've... had my share of having to resort to violence to protect myself during sex because you have to in that situation. In the end, this shit is... an occupational hazard when you're about having sex with other men.

csreef, thanks again for what you said - I really do appreciate it.

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